“Believing in people and in what they do is imperative not only as a coach, but simply as a human being.

-Ellen Hite, PCC-

Executive Coaching is a solution-focused practice. It is goal-setting from a
possibility to change’ application. It is partnering with clients in a thought
provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and
professional potential. By using powerful and targeted communication tools,
neuroscience trained coaches cut out the ‘hit and miss,’ ‘trial and errors’ approach
by aligning motivational drivers and conscious belief systems. The return on
investment is the change created for what serves the client and what sustains the
Management Consulting is setting business models in place from a best practices
approach. It is using communication-designed expertise in leading people from a
CONNECTION platform. There are three areas of Business Capital Value: Financial,
Intellectual and Relational Values. The success driver is in the RELATIONAL VALUE.
Everything begins with a conversation. How are you and your management team
using your personal strengths of innovation, trust and connective intelligence for
qualitative and quantitative ROI?

Ellen Hite, PCC

Professional Background and Experience

As an Executive Coach and Management Consultant, Ellen specializes in assisting
clients by leveraging their motivational drivers and strategies for growth. Her
passion of neuroscience serves as a shared success platform for connective leadership significance.

She has attained an Associates Degree in Business Management and a
Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership.
Ellen’s PCC professional coach training is through International Coaching Federation,
Erickson College International, Shipley Coaching/Communications,
Benchmark Communications and The Academies, Inc.

In addition to impacting business leaders and organizations, Ellen’s accomplished
involvements include raising the global standard of coaching by serving as a
Peer Facilitator Coach and Senior Review Team Consultant for
neuroscience development and Conversational Intelligence® with the World
Business & Executive Coach Summit organization – WBECS, NYC.

Ellen 1


Executive Coaching

One-on-one personal coaching experience with different time/expense options. Are you wanting success, significance or both? Invest in your leadership. If you are a visionary leader, executive coaching can make the difference in qualitative and quantitative ROI for performance, mergers or growth.

Creative/Ideation Series

The storyline of coaching is to activate the mind for creativity. Ideas and innovation happen when we activate our meta-cognitive process to allow “ah-ha” moments to emerge. The space of reaction vs. creation is a skill.  How much is a new idea worth to you?

Leadership Development

Taking the team to the next level of leadership is about reframing, refocusing and redirecting. What leaders thrive on, what feedback should look like and how you can reduce threats, fear, conflicts and stress in your organization is part of the focus. Are you building a team or a collection of individuals?


Management Consulting

The functional focus in human capital management is about understanding people. Our consulting approach  targets tailor made strategies and observations for high level decision making and influence. A resilient team creates, cultivates, defines, expands, is vulnerable, takes action and reproduces itself.  Who are your stakeholders and how are they being led?


Our intention through speaking is to bring a confrontational intimacy between the material presented and the life-changing transformation of an audience. Perceptions shift. Positions change. When was the last time a speaker moved you forward, effortlessly?



The art of writing is about connection. Cultivating this awareness through a story-line experience is a skill.  
Divulge into monthly blogs highlighting the benefits of understanding our conscious and subconscious motivational drivers, leadership influence and relational connection.

Certifications and Involvement:

Testimonials from clients

“ My partner and I have different management styles. I used to worry about how this was impacting out staff. Coaching was the answer.”
“Ellen is professional, kind, understanding and somehow gets us to talk about business issues we never address.”
“I met Ellen at a chamber of commerce event. I wanted her to help me sell my company and let go. I couldn’t have done that without her.”

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.