Ellen Hite, CBSC

Executive Coach & Management Consultant

“Whether an organization withers or flourishes depends to a remarkable extent on the leader’s effectiveness in connecting with people. Using every resource you have to its fullest capability includes neuroscience applications.”

“Whether an organization withers or flourishes depends to a remarkable extent on the leader’s effectiveness in connecting with people. Using every resource you have to its fullest capability includes neuroscience applications.”

The questions we ask (and how to solve them).

What value do you give to your business conversations? Have you ever failed and “missed the mark” in communicating with your staff, department leaders or employees? Would you believe the average is 9 out of 10 times? (Benchmark Communications statistics).

  • What do you believe is the most common reason for employee disengagement?
  • What conversations would you like to be having with your leaders instead of the ones you’re having right now?
  • What excites executives/employees most about being a part of your company?
  • How do you guide and inspire greater organizational awareness?
  • What would happen if you simply did nothing different in moving forward?
  • Would you describe your company as GOOD, GREAT or EXCELLENT?

Our influence in deepening the quality of relationships and culture will drive success and bottom dollar growth. By “asking questions for which we have no answers” instead of the “tell/sell/yell” transactional techniques, we will open up the prefrontal areas of the brain for cohesive connection.  

We navigate leadership dialogue and uncover blind spots that hinder employee engagement. Reclaiming trust in the workforce through transformational interaction will elevate the thought process and empower creativity. We believe in taking the lead in creating the future through neuroscience innovation.

Neuro-management is unfolding in the global business world through the words we share, the ideas we discover and the partnerships that evolve. We apply the simple, yet knowledgeable wisdom of Benjamin Franklin, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Inviting insideyourheadcoaching.com to be involved in your business through executive and leadership coaching/consulting, purposed workshops and/or webinars will change the way you do business.

The Executive Coaching & Management Consulting Experience

  • Leadership and Communication Dynamics
  • Culture Transformation
  • Trusted Third Party Resource
  • Perception and Discovery
  • Breakthrough and Congruency
  • Employee Engagement Development
  • Success and Mastery
  • ROI and Time Management
  • Significance and Impact
  • New Vision and Commitment

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Life Approach Consulting

Successful Business Man

“Knowing ourselves more fully allows us to move forward with confidence in what we were born to do.”

This package journeys through personality and confidence assessments integrating Emotional and Conversational Intelligence. The narratives you have assist you in discovering what is working in your life, what is missing and what drives you for a strategic outcome.

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Think Tank Creative

“If there were no limitations, (financial, time or people connections) what would you be doing?” “Where are your ideas taking you?”

These sessions look at what you can envision for the impossible. Using thought leadership techniques, Ellen cultivates awareness through creative neuro-management leveraging the Prefrontal Cortex for the timely “ah-ha” moments that can change the trajectory of your life and business. Scientific Case Studies are included.

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No Limits

Navigation Development

Office Team

“Evolutionary coaching is about observing the way you guide others for relational connection.”

What people thrive on, what feedback should look like and how you can reduce threats, fear, conflicts and stress in your organization are the focus of these sessions. Using every resource you have in communication innovation will be useful transformational tools. Topics include Blind Spots, We-Centric Quadrants and Priming for Trust.

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Sustainable Legacy

“How is what you are doing impacting your business culture?” “What is the long-term significance in that?”

Making a difference in your business culture affects you personally, your family and your community. Have you thought about making the changes necessary in your life to finish with measurable significance?

Time management as well as thought-provoking purpose will be targeted during these meeting times. Cohesive decision-making in the next several years is vital for impactful follow-through.

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Ellen Hite, CBSC

As an executive coach and management consultant, Ellen specializes in cultivating awareness through creative NeuroLeadership.  Seeing people succeed by leveraging the relational component of who they are is what drives Ellen to change business conversations and culture. Using thought leadership and brain-based success narratives, she assists clients in discovering entrepreneurial strategies for sustainable significance.

Ellen has a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership, along with several professional coach designations and certifications through the International Coaches Federation and The Academies, Inc.

“Believing in people and in what they do is imperative not only as a coach, but simply as a human being.”


Certifications and Involvements

Certified In Conversational Intelligence
Brain Based Success
Executive & Leadership Development
ZG Worldwide
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