Leadership from Within, Ellen Hite Life and Leadership Visionary Coaching

One of the most powerful forces we have is to believe;  

believing in ourselves, in our future and in the change it takes to make that happen.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a solution-focused practice that helps people to discover and identify the potential within them.  It is an uncovering learning process that can lead to more fulfillment, balance, freedom and success. By using powerful and targeted communication tools, a coach assists the client in going beyond their perceived barriers to the accomplishment of their goals, dreams and passions.

A coaching relationship is totally focused on you, the client. Ellen believes you have everything you need inside of you to unlock your unlimited potential for success. As your coach, she will help you clarify what you want, remove any obstacles in your way, set active goals and stay committed. When you are coached to discover your own life answers. you are more likely to pursue them with passion and purpose.  This will give you the freedom to be you and move forward in the life you desire with success.

– Ellen Hite, CBSC, Life and Leadership Visionary Coach