Resiliency Leadership Assessment

Resiliency Assessment

On a scale from 1 – 5 (1 – never; 2 – almost never; 3 – sometimes; 4 – almost always; 5 – always).

1. I am generally optimistic about life and my ability to manage it.

2. I try to learn form my past experience.

3. I work hard to stay connected with positive, healthy people.

4. I see difficulties as temporary and expect that I can overcome them.

5. I can tolerate high levels of uncertainty in today’s rapidly, changing world.

6. At all times, I choose to use positive thinking and I am careful not to view events with a victim-based mindset.

7. During the day, I am aware of how I am feeling physically, emotionally and mentally.

8. I take time to assess the reality of the situation and if necessary, I step away from the struggle by emotionally moving on.

9. I have a playful side of me and a sense of humor.

10. I find meaning and purpose in my life, every day.

Add up your score:

10-20 = Improvement is needed

20-30 = Time to move forward in a more positive way

30-40 = Sounds like you are moving in the right direction

40-50 = You are doing great!

Which question really made you think?

Which questions are “5’s?”

Did you realize that you are more resilient than you thought?

How did this assessment make you more aware?



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